Liberal logic vs Reality, a battle for the ages

That’s a fair comparison. Guy sweeping the floor: CEO.¬† It’s practically the same job. What’s a CEO do anyway, besides run the whole business and keep shareholders aka owners happy? People who own businesses shouldn’t make money, they should just give it away.

Part of the issue with liberals is that they really don’t understand how the economy works. They think everyone should be making all this money when, in fact, not all jobs are the same. Case in point: Below, you’ll see the world’s preferred mode of education, the meme:


Someone took the time to research the salaries of all these CEOs but I wonder if they researched what a CEO does. For large corporations, a CEO is responsible for running the company according to the wishes of the people who own the business. Now, if a small business owner hired a general manager to carry out the business plan, would he then pay that GM the same as the person who performs the service or makes the product? No. Because there are levels of responsibility that far exceed the barista, the cashier, the fry maker, the delivery driver, etc. While those are vital spokes on the wheel, they are not the wheel. The CEO represents the whole bike.

We can debate the evils of corporate culture all we want. I’ll be the first to jump in and state that corporate greed is one of if not the largest factor causing the economic discord that plagues the nation today. Through unscrupulous marketing, corporate America has bred a fear-based culture of lack and want. I say, enough is enough

What I’m trying to communicate here, with words laced together into coherent sentences and paragraphs, is this: Don’t go trusting someone’s “facts” simply because they are presented in an easy-to-read format. If you’re interested in a subject, study it. Learn both sides and form your opinion accordingly. Don’t just take someone’s word for it. Shit like the economy, equal pay, corporate responsibility–it’s too important to leave to the people with the agenda.

Have your own agenda and be your own advocate. Because if you think that anyone else is looking out for you, follow the advice of above meme: Think Again

And then think some more. As long as the people are critically thinking about their government, their economy, their place in society, and what they’re being told, then they have a chance at a better life. Critical thinkers are a valuable commodity in an age when shutting off your mind and plugging into a false reality is so attractive to the masses. Our minds are the last line of defense against technological tyranny and economic obsolescence.

In order to earn more, there are two paths: educate yourself/add to your skill set and lead others to do the same. Instead of demanding more, make yourself more valuable. Lastly, if you can’t find someone to pay you what you’re worth, pay yourself; start a business. Become an entrepreneur and live the true American Dream!

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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