Dafuq’s Up Wit PA?

Since Friday, the government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has reinstated the taxpayer-funded pension of a child molester and opened wide its doors to hordes of Syrian refugees. A “vetting process” on the latter will be no shorter than two years, if not longer, which means that there will be thousands of people flooding into our state whose identities we can’t verify, let alone track. The former will receive more than $4,800 per month, plus a lump sum for the amount withheld since a 2012 decision to revoke the pension.

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What our gov’t is telling us, in effect, is:

1. The Philly school district must resort to closing many of its doors, turning instead to a corrupt-at-best charter school system. With outdated books, inexperienced teachers, and an increasingly dissatisfied group of parents and guardians, the conditions grow ever-closer to combustibility.

2. The middle class, shrinking as it may be, is going to be more responsible for funding state programs through higher income and sales taxes. Homeowners will save on property taxes, yes. Corporate income taxes will be appallingly halved over three years. A democrat cut corporate taxes in half? Yup. Wolf wears a sheepskin suit, I submit.

3. Terrorism is NOT a real threat. Right? I mean, it can’t be. We’re letting in thousands of refugees from the war-torn Middle East, right? I know, I know. You’ll say they’re escaping the very thing we oppose. But, are they? Scores and scores of reports indicate that many of the refugees are from nations other than Syria, including Mali, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They complain about lack of services, bad food, and being bored. That’s when they get to Europe. What the fuck are they going to say about Pennsylvania?

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Not a Allahbedamned thing, because we taxpayers are footing the bill. None of this makes sense. Our state government will pay a scumbag molester nearly $5,000 per month, while teachers pay out of pocket for classroom supplies. Our state government will give food, clothing, shelter, and more to imposters who aren’t even affected by the Syrian civil war.

This, dear reader, is outright lunacy. Outfuckingright lunafuckingcy. This can’t be allowed to happen, can it? Surely we did not vote on the open-door policy towards potential problems like the refugees. Read up on what has taken place in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, etc. Check out some of the videos online. The West is being brainwashed to believe that we can take in countless waves of the poor, displaced middle easterners, without diluting their already dwindling native populations.

Germany’s birthrates have tumbled, as have much of native European’s, while Arab and Northern African birthrates in the European nations have skyrocketed. It’s the same thing that’s taking place in the U.S. White birthrates plummet while those of Latin Americans in the U.S. soar. But in Europe, it’s happening at such an alarming rate that, in say 20 years, native Germans will become a minority in their own nation.

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Fuck it, I’ll just mention the piece of shit by name. Jerry Sandusky sits in prison after a conviction on dozens of counts of child sex abuse. He routinely raped young boys, many of whom had been entrusted to him for their safety. Second Mile was a pipeline for sick fuck rapists of children. We’ve never heard a peep about this since Sandusky went to prison. Where are the accomplices? There’s no way he committed all those crimes without a network of other pedophiles. There were rumors that Uncle Eddie Savitz was part of a child sex ring that included Sandusky. Remember him? The guy who paid kids in Philly for their worn underwear, among other things? Yup, part of the same network. Fucking network. A syndicate of child abusers. All still free, hiding among the shadows, because the fall guy kept his mouth shut. His reward? His pension gets reinstated.

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What the fuck is going on in Pennsylvania? I’m sorry, neighbors, but we’ve got to look deeper. We can’t accept the story we’re fed every fucking time. And if it disgusts you, then by God, stand the fuck up and be heard. This state, this world, is fucked up because we’re letting it be fucked up.
I’m done.

Thanks for stopping by.

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