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December 10, 2015

A Case for Donald Trump and Humanity

Why I think Trump winning could be good:

First, I think “President Trump” sounds pretty goddamn scary.  The guy’s clearly unfit for duty.  Putting him in charge of the mighty American military is like giving gasoline to a pyromaniac.  He’s going to use it, irresponsibly.  He bullied his way to wealth in real estate.  Having read several of his “books,” I understand his views: Screw everyone.  They made the deal and it’s on them that they lost everything.  I’m getting mine.  They should be smarter.

Never mind the fact that he preys on the unsuspecting and the ill-informed.

Second, Trump knows that he’s just an entertainer.  The guy’s a clown; a pompous ass. Reagan was a cowboy; a shoot-from-the-hip type, sure.  Both actors, but vastly different.  Reagan served as California’s governor, exposing him to the political realm before jumping onto the national stage.  All of Trump’s experience is from bribing politicians, greasing palms, and backroom dealing.  Conservatives hold Reagan up like a saint; remembering him for telling Mr. Gorbachev to “tear down’ a wall.  Trump wants a fence erected between the United States and Mexico.

Trump’s message about immigration and militant Islam are ignorant.  Simply put, he says what the dopey masses say about these topics and more behind closed doors.  He’s our drunk uncle at Thanksgiving dinner.  He’s the raving lunatic sitting by himself on the bus.  He’s the tin foil helmet-wearing nutter in his mom’s attic, listening to shortwave radio for government secrets.

Third, Trump is scaring his own “party” into backing off their long-held stances on issuers.  Shepard Smith of Fox News called him a carnival huckster.  Fox News is even distancing themselves from his rhetoric.  Fox.  News.  They put the con in conservative.  Yet the shit he spews is too much for even them.  Party stalwarts are doing that slow, back away thing you’ve done when a friend started talking religion or politics with your opinionated neighbor at a block party.  Anyone who sticks with him – you’re on your own.

By now, you can see where I’m going with that line of reasoning.  Now, however, I’ll tell you why I think it’s good that Donald Trump is getting so much attention.

Because he’s getting so much attention.

Americans are waking up.  They’re starting to realize that the reality we’ve been force fed for decades is not real reality.

The political system is broken and needs a dramatic overhaul.  Career politicians need to be thrown out on their ears.  They’ve steered the American ship into jetty after rocky jetty, ignoring the beacons of light, truth, and hope which the American citizens have been holding up and waving for a long time now.  Yet we keep handing over the keys.

If Trump were to win the GOP nomination or worse, the Presidency, the United States would get exactly what it deserves.  If he manages to dupe enough people into playing his game, we all deserve to have him lift up the shell and see no pea.  He is a three card monte dealer, bending his cards in such a way that’s hard to catch if distracted.

What Trump is doing, however, is shedding a blinding light on this broken system; demonstrating how easily led astray the public can be.  We love our shiny objects, and nothing shines like national pride.  We all want to belong, and who doesn’t want to belong to the biggest, baddest nation on Earth?  It’s the reason so many people are rushing to get inside.  And while he says he doesn’t care about parties, Trump clearly wants to be accepted into the GOP bosom.  His very presence at a debate podium testifies to that point.

Whether he knows it or not, Trump is forcing the citizens to take heed and acknowledge that Republicans and Democrats are all the same.  Unrest and displeasure are nothing new to the populace, but technology has allowed this generation to do what previous generations could not: share information—and plan its next moves—in real time.

The acceleration is accelerating and Trump is the greasiest grease we’ve had in a long time. Those who agree stand beside the Donald, shouting isolation and might!  Those who oppose shout inclusion and care.  What they’re failing to see, however, is that they agree on the central point: the need for change.  The change we didn’t get from this most-recent presidency.  The long-in-arriving change that must take place in order to secure the futures of both the United States and humanity.  Not human beings, humanity.  Decency.  Respect for others’ rights as an individual.

We have discarded our decency for the illusion of security.  It’s a frightful trade that I’m afraid has gone horribly wrong for humanity.  We have no privacy, no dignity; no boundaries.  Trump’s rhetoric is the ranting of a child who learned to read a big word and now uses it in every sentence.  He’s found something that makes people scream “yes!” and pump their fists in agreement.  What we need is to open our hands, be grateful for our place in this world, and agree to export that sense of security to the rest of the world.

Look, I know war is at times inevitable.  I also know it’s avoidable.  We fight if we must, and if the threat is as grave as it feels, then we fight.  But if we don’t have to close the doors to humanity, then we need not do so.

Trump is slamming shut that door and opening one on the other side of which is destruction.  While I’m no fan, the election of our current “leader” shows that the United States wants something different; something promised yet not delivered.  The reality stood firm and we’re still stuck in partisan shit that gets little done but pats itself on its back and pays itself for a job well-done.  We need to take the next step, and discard the democrats, repeal the republicans.  Shit-can the entire system and build a new one—stronger and better, more representative of the people it represents.  At every level.

It’s always darkest before the dawn, though I’ve never measured daylight before sunrise, so I can’t say for certain.  Things can get really bad before they get better.  Trump bad.  If they do, hold on tight.  We’re in for a dark, bumpy road with no headlights.  Things get Trump bad, we deserve the darkness that comes.  But the Sun will rise.  It always does.

It has to.

It’s time we pay attention to the man behind the curtain.  To rip the globalist-elite from their hiding places and demand they step down. Beyond the political, the economic system is broken.  Too long have we been enslaved by imaginary debts and interest created out of thin air.  Money is worthless.  Cash is being phased out.  Shit, I pay for my $4.00 coffee with my cell phone.  If my great-grandfather(pick one) were to read that, he’d probably put me in a headlock and make me call him pappy.

Anyway, I have to go do something else.  Thank you for reading.  Open your mind and stop accepting official stories and ask why?  It’s the human thing to do.

November 16, 2015

Dafuq’s Up Wit PA?

Since Friday, the government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has reinstated the taxpayer-funded pension of a child molester and opened wide its doors to hordes of Syrian refugees. A “vetting process” on the latter will be no shorter than two years, if not longer, which means that there will be thousands of people flooding into our state whose identities we can’t verify, let alone track. The former will receive more than $4,800 per month, plus a lump sum for the amount withheld since a 2012 decision to revoke the pension.

*****     *****     *****

What our gov’t is telling us, in effect, is:

1. The Philly school district must resort to closing many of its doors, turning instead to a corrupt-at-best charter school system. With outdated books, inexperienced teachers, and an increasingly dissatisfied group of parents and guardians, the conditions grow ever-closer to combustibility.

2. The middle class, shrinking as it may be, is going to be more responsible for funding state programs through higher income and sales taxes. Homeowners will save on property taxes, yes. Corporate income taxes will be appallingly halved over three years. A democrat cut corporate taxes in half? Yup. Wolf wears a sheepskin suit, I submit.

3. Terrorism is NOT a real threat. Right? I mean, it can’t be. We’re letting in thousands of refugees from the war-torn Middle East, right? I know, I know. You’ll say they’re escaping the very thing we oppose. But, are they? Scores and scores of reports indicate that many of the refugees are from nations other than Syria, including Mali, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They complain about lack of services, bad food, and being bored. That’s when they get to Europe. What the fuck are they going to say about Pennsylvania?

*****     *****     *****

Not a Allahbedamned thing, because we taxpayers are footing the bill. None of this makes sense. Our state government will pay a scumbag molester nearly $5,000 per month, while teachers pay out of pocket for classroom supplies. Our state government will give food, clothing, shelter, and more to imposters who aren’t even affected by the Syrian civil war.

This, dear reader, is outright lunacy. Outfuckingright lunafuckingcy. This can’t be allowed to happen, can it? Surely we did not vote on the open-door policy towards potential problems like the refugees. Read up on what has taken place in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, etc. Check out some of the videos online. The West is being brainwashed to believe that we can take in countless waves of the poor, displaced middle easterners, without diluting their already dwindling native populations.

Germany’s birthrates have tumbled, as have much of native European’s, while Arab and Northern African birthrates in the European nations have skyrocketed. It’s the same thing that’s taking place in the U.S. White birthrates plummet while those of Latin Americans in the U.S. soar. But in Europe, it’s happening at such an alarming rate that, in say 20 years, native Germans will become a minority in their own nation.

*****     *****     *****

Fuck it, I’ll just mention the piece of shit by name. Jerry Sandusky sits in prison after a conviction on dozens of counts of child sex abuse. He routinely raped young boys, many of whom had been entrusted to him for their safety. Second Mile was a pipeline for sick fuck rapists of children. We’ve never heard a peep about this since Sandusky went to prison. Where are the accomplices? There’s no way he committed all those crimes without a network of other pedophiles. There were rumors that Uncle Eddie Savitz was part of a child sex ring that included Sandusky. Remember him? The guy who paid kids in Philly for their worn underwear, among other things? Yup, part of the same network. Fucking network. A syndicate of child abusers. All still free, hiding among the shadows, because the fall guy kept his mouth shut. His reward? His pension gets reinstated.

*****     *****     *****

What the fuck is going on in Pennsylvania? I’m sorry, neighbors, but we’ve got to look deeper. We can’t accept the story we’re fed every fucking time. And if it disgusts you, then by God, stand the fuck up and be heard. This state, this world, is fucked up because we’re letting it be fucked up.
I’m done.

Thanks for stopping by.

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August 15, 2015

Being in love is all good and stuff

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Normally, when I post something, it’s because I went somewhere or did something or saw someone and I come here to put it down.

I didn’t go anywhere special today.  In fact, I’m sitting on the couch with Jurassic Park on the TV and the sliding glass door open.  The idyllic weather can’t even get me to sit on the balcony right now.

I didn’t do anything of note today.  Danielle, Leah and I rode over to the Dodge dealership in Norristown to get her car after some recall repair stuff.  Then I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple prescriptions.

I guess that means I must have seen someone today about whom I am writing.  Not really.  Well, wait…

When I woke up this morning, I turned my head and saw my best friend, laying in the bed, next to me.  She smiled, I said good morning, I rolled in her direction and we shared a kiss.  No, fireworks did not shoot into the night sky like at the end of a movie.  I mean, we just woke up and my breath was kickin’.  But, shit, if there ain’t sparks every time our lips meet!  Her lips are so soft, I could stay there forever.  Groggy, we eventually succumbed to the daylight and got off our backs and ran the above-mentioned chores.

After choring, we came home and ate macandcheese and tunafish.  Basic, delicious, perfect.  Danielle was telling Leah about the Addams Family, which steamrolled into our reminiscing on shows we watched when we were kids on days that we stayed home from school.  The Munsters, Hogan’s Heroes, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, et al.  I brought up The New Munsters, which Danielle didn’t recall.  I remarked on how it was a total flop and she stated that people can’t remake shit and expect it to work.

“You can’t just re-do Gilligan’s Island,” I added.

“Holy shit!”

“See that?”

“I was going to say the exact same thing.  Gilligan’s Island.”

“I know.  We’re having the same conversation.”

It happens all the time.  Either I or my beautiful wife will say something, to which the other replies, “I was just thinking that” or “I was just going to say that!”

It’s why she’s my one and only.

*****     *****     *****

Last night, we took Leah to Facenda to do some bowling.  Of course, while we were there, I ran into people that I know.  Because it seems they’re everywhere—people I know.  Danielle remains in awe that no matter where we are, someone goes “Yo, Rob.”

Danielle had taken a quick break and was walking back toward our lane.  When I looked up and saw her approach, she may as well have been in slow-mo with Eric Carmen playing in the background.  Or someone equally cheesy and late-80s-movie-ish.  (I just decided, Oh Yeah might work too.)  Anyway, she walked and I watched.  Her jeans fit just right and her pink shirt showed the right amount of curve, skin.  I couldn’t stop staring.  She got closer and must have felt my eyes upon her and spoke

“I know.  I’m coming.”


“It’s my turn, right?”

“Well, yeah but that’s not why I was looking at you.”

“Oh, it’s not?”  She’s good at coy.

“No, I was watching you because you’re hot as fuck.”

I think she rolled a strike after that.

*****     *****     *****

There isn’t a feeling in the world that can beat making a pretty girl smile.  Even though all I did was tell the truth, it made Danielle happy.  Danielle Gardner, that is.  She’s my wife.  I still can’t believe it.  I mean, seriously.  Just because she thinks I’m handsome doesn’t make me Rico Suave.  She’s got this super-dark hair that frames her gorgeous face, dark brown eyes, pink lips, and a smokin’ hot body.

It’s ridiculous that this beauty loves me.  At least, that’s what my mind wants to tell me.  She’d argue, of course, and I’d listen because I love her siren-like voice.  Shit, I’d steer my ship into a jetty just to catch one of her whispers.

*****     *****     *****

So, this is my life now.  Wedded bliss (as opposed to the weeded bliss in which I spent my 20s and part of my 30s).  I get to spend my days with my best friend.  My lover.  My confidant.  My muse.

If I were anyone else, I’d be damn happy for me.

Thanks for stopping by.

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So, the Munsters reboot was actually The Munsters Today.

Now, for your viewing and listening pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Eric Carmen:

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