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June 24, 2015

Guest Opinion Blogger: My Brother

Recent media coverage is causing a re-evaluation of what I know, or have known, about the current state of our society.  I shall open with two definitions that I feel are appropriate to this conversation:  RESPECT and OPINION.

Respect.  noun re·spect \ri-ˈspekt\

1              a relation or reference to a particular thing or situation <remarks having respect to an earlier plan>

2              an act of giving particular attention :  consideration

3              a :  high or special regard :  esteem

b :  the quality or state of being esteemed

c plural :  expressions of high or special regard or deference <paid our respects>

Opinion. noun opin·ion \ə-ˈpin-yən\

1              a :  a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter

b :  approval, esteem

2              a :  belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge

b :  a generally held view

3              a :  a formal expression of judgment or advice by an expert

b :  the formal expression (as by a judge, court, or referee) of the legal reasons and principles upon which a legal decision is based

Aretha called for one and Dear Abby provided the other.  There is also the saying that ends with “…everyone has one”.  If we as a community could get past the fervor caused by the media and get back to the basics our parents/grandparents taught us, “respect each other’s opinions”, maybe we will get through this current storm.  You don’t have to agree with it and you don’t have to like it, you just need to be considerate enough to accept the fact that someone else may have a different viewpoint that you do.

In my opinion, the “politically correct”, hand-sanitizer, generation has gone too far.  No longer are we allowed to have an opinion that differs from the herd.  If you think outside of the current trend, you are ostracized and called a bigot or racist.  We hear of free-range parenting, trans-racial office holders, trans-gender Olympic athletes, don’t fly that flag over here, a flag being stomped on over there… too many others are worried about how you should live your life instead of taking care of themselves.

The military now has a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender pride month.  A lifestyle choice is being given a month to celebrate.  How about a pride month for Fat Beer Drinking White guys?  FBDWG pride!  That is a personal choice/lifestyle too.  Don’t get me wrong, I support whatever it is you want to do with yourself or within your own home.  Get married, adopt kids, and be happy!  So long as you are harming no one else.  On the flip side, I expect the same courtesy for everyone else who has a different perspective. Twenty or thirty years ago, we all knew Richard Simmons, Freddie Mercury and The Village People were all flaming gay men… guess what?  Nobody cared.  It was game-show hilarity, rock and roll, and catchy disco.

Today, we criticize those who want to prevent the desecration of our Nation’s flag when a protester burns or stomps on Old Glory.  They say it is all protected free speech and in the same breath, shout out that the Confederate flag is racist and offensive.  One person’s heritage is another person’s symbol of oppression. Guess what?  The Amish think zippers are the devil’s handiwork.  We don’t see them calling for the removal of all zippers.

Today, outrage is everywhere when a white cop shoots an unarmed black man but yet there are no mass riots when a white girl is killed and stuffed in a trash can over her bicycle.  There is no doubt in my eyes that Black lives DO matter… then again, so does all life.  The failure to show an equal level of disgust for everyone seems to scream bias.  Yet in today’s media coverage, differing views are no longer allowed to be different.

We would never go into a halal butcher and ask for a pound of bacon just like we wouldn’t go into a Jewish deli and ask for pork.  Don’t like bacon, don’t eat it… just don’t try telling me what I can and cannot eat because you disagree.  Why then would we force a baker to make a cake that defies their personal belief?  Just move on to the next bakery or deli or butcher.  These are not Red versus Blue issues and they are not Black versus White.  This is America, where everyone was welcomed into our pot to become one spectacular stew.

It is my opinion that we must get back to the way things used to be… if you are not harming someone else with your held beliefs, then press on with pride.  Want to be a chain-smoking, whisky loving, beer drinker?  Have at it! Though the same rules apply… don’t smoke in my house if I don’t smoke, don’t overindulge, don’t be an asshole outside of a bar to those in the community, and don’t get behind the wheel of a car.  Want to be a rainbow flag waving, cross dressing, activist?  More power to you!  The idea is that we might not agree, but we should at least respect one another’s opinions and only intervene when public safety is a concern.

I respect that others may feel strongly for, or against, many of these topics.  The idea is that we must respect the differences of opinion that make us all special and unique without demanding that others agree.

June 23, 2015

Gander Neutrality

Er, I think I’m supposed to say Goose neutral?  Drake neutral?  This is getting ducking silly…

I just saw this article on Yahoo! News, I mean Yahoo! “News,” about gender-neutral names being more popular now than ever before.  The article also states, “The older generation may be taken aback by gender-neutral names and think a name should announce the child’s gender.”  I guess I’m the older generation.  But I’m not taken aback, so much as I am really fucking annoyed that this is a thing people worry about.  The gender of a name is now a topic of debate?

Young people are so hip and progressive, refusing to be pinned down to being a boy or a girl just because they have a penis or a vagina. How dare society and science and biology and anatomy and reality tell them who they are?

Know what else is gender-neutral?

Door.  Or Bus.  Comet.  Sour Milk. Stuff.  Things, if twins. Sorry, multiples.  Just because they occupied the same womb at the same time, doesn’t mean they’re exactly the same.  Twins is so archaic…

Danielle​, if we have a child, we’re naming itherhim Person.  With no last name, because who are we to claim a Person as “ours?”

Person Earth Universe.

Now that’s a non-specific, gender neutral, can’t hurt anyone’s fucking feelings name.  I swear, we’re all going to be gray blobs in a few generations.

Here’s a little diagram to help alleviate some confusion:

Drake: male duck

I chose a drake because it’s much more difficult to determine the anatomy of a Li’l Wayne or a Little Debbie.

I’m not against anyone expressing himself.  Herself.  I was always taught it’s wrong to write “themselves” when referring to one person. But here, I concede: I’m not against a person expressing themselves.  What I’m against is being told by a bullshit media that it’s wrong to define someone.  The very act of telling someone not to be judgmental is judgmental.  Boys have always been he; girls are she.  I don’t know…

…Maybe it’s just me.

Thanks for stopping by.

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June 22, 2015

One Happy Daddy

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Daddy.  Not step-father.  Not Rob.  Daddy.  That’s who I was yesterday, who I am today, and who I will be.  Yesterday was Father’s Day 2015 and I spent it with my family.  Last year at this time I lived with my cat, Blue, in a one-bedroom apartment.  Getting back together with the love of my life has been the best thing that’s happened to me.  Danielle and I were meant to be together, if only because we could never be with anyone else.  We tried.  It didn’t work.

That’s why we decided to cohabitate, as of last September (2014).  As of May 28 this year, we call each other husband and wife; I have never been so happy.  Some roads are rocky, but I’m a firm believer that if a road is more often smoother than rough, the journey rewards its travelers with irreplaceable memories.  Our road is so smooth, the rough patches are hardly speed bumps.  Add the genuine love of and for a child, and what we have is the family I always wanted.

Yesterday, the journey rewarded me with a Father’s Day that nearly made my heart melt.  The little one presented a card and a gift to me, along with the acknowledgement that I am no mere step-father.  The smile on her face, the smile on Danielle’s, filled me with an overwhelming warmth.

Being a husband and a father feels nice.  Really fucking nice!

As always, thank you for stopping by.

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