Je Sui Charlie. We have to be bold and never give in to threats of any kind.

Je Sui Charlie

It takes balls to be funny.

The events in Paris prove that the world faces an enemy that takes its mission seriously.  Perhaps it’s time we free people do the same.  Not only must we rebel against Islamic terror groups, but also against those individuals and institutions which aim to stifle our freedom of expression and deny us our birthright.  Our minds ought remain free of any and all influence which looks to stamp out the very desire to explore, to share.  Our lives are ours to make what we want of them.  Yes, its contradictory to say I want to eradicate the opponents of freedom–because true freedom allows for its own oppression; at least the efforts to oppress it.  Islamic extremists, megacorporations, totalitarian governments, et al. enjoy the same right to exist as everyone else.  Problem is, they want to control and/or destroy the rest of us.  What a conundrum.

The cartoon above incited riots and acts of terror; pure evil.  I’m posting it because fuck that.  Granted, I’m not likely to change anyone’s viewpoints.  I just want to stand with the people who died and the people who must continue in the shadow of this tragedy.  Here’s to letting the light shine again, maybe even a bit brighter this time.

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