Looking for my words. Have you seen them?

Continue to do that thing you want to do well.
Picture yourself as the person you want to be.
All true.

Take a look, See the things that surround you.  The faces of those you see most are the ones you wish to be with.  This is the life you choose every single day, whether you are aware of it or not.  Most are not.  But some are.  Don’t listen to what they say about being unhappy unless they are taking action to change it.  Pay attention to what they do, where they go, what they show up for and what they do not.  Don’t listen to the people who say they’re happy and do everything to sabotage themselves.  These are dangerous because they bring others into their game.  Sit back, take a look around.  This is your life…

I’ve been on a tear lately.  Maybe for a while.  Who knows?  Everything I write has fine notes of anger and sarcasm.  It might be funny or poignant.  It may entertain.  But I had a friend tell me recently that I don’t let my good side show through in my writing very often.  That it comes out in other ways, but my blog and, more so, my Facebook page are strictly angry frustrated ha-ha-laugh-at-how-pissed-I-can-get Rob.  Just hearing those words in my head as I type them made me laugh a little.  Maybe I write that shit to entertain me and somehow you get a kick out of it.  Who knows?

Writing allows me to exercise my braingaskets; permit some flow to relieve pressure and prevent critical mass.  It also allows for me to connect.  On Facebook, I get feedback.  Here, I look at my numbers, the visits and page views.  It lets me know how many, and sometimes whom among you, are reading.  At least I think it does.

Connection is vital in a life that can feel otherwise desolate.  When you’re not completely surrounded by those things mentioned above, and it’s just you, it can get a bit, howyousay, secluded.  Now, gentle reader, many of you might tell how you’re envious of people who can get some alone time.  But are you really?  Perhaps you’ve surrounded yourself with the wrong people.  Person.  If that’s the case, and you’re not just saying that, then it’s up to you…  Just like it’s up to me to avoid that seclusion.

Words when being all introspective vary vastly from those when watching people.  No shit.  I have a crushing headache.  Could be feeding into my keytapping.  The green iced tea lemonade isn’t showing any curative properties just yet.  Fuck it.  I’ll just leave this as is until something strikes…

Where are you right now?  Where you belong or somewhere else?  Are you growing closer to or farther from the place and the person you wanna be?

My words are paying the bills right now.  Soon they’ll be buying the car, building the house, helping the others…

Thanks for stopping by and trying to follow along.

Read.  Comment.  Subscribe.

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