And the Results Are In…

Grades have been posted for the semester.  Painting 1: A.  Cumulative GPA stands at 3.906.



Now, it’s true that I only had one class.  And, yes, it was painting.  But I can assure you, there were no numbers by which to create my works.  With the exception(s) of the two A’s-minus I got in Advanced Creative Writing, I’ve earned a 4.0 during the past 4 semesters at Montgomery County Community College.  After 15 years of stagnation, my brain engagement has gone pretty well.  So far.

I want to continue moving forward.  Without worrying about where I was or where I am at the present moment.

Back in ’96.  Nineteen ninety-six, for all you children o’ the millennium.  Way back, I managed a degree from Flagler College with a 2.6 GPA.  Basically, a C+.  Somewhere during my sophomore year, I became the guy that discovered pot then decided it was the greatest thing on the face of the Earth.  Speaking of which, I would rationalize, since it came from the Earth, man was meant to utilize the weed for all of its bountiful, magidicinal properties.  Among those properties include: enhanced appetite—if I was to get cancer, I had packed on plenty of fuel for the coming chemo.  Laziness—You’d think this was a detriment.  However I was spared the “need” to work for the “man.”  Man.

Rather than go on and on, right NOW, I’ll save that for later.  The reason I came here was to get some stuff out “there” so it wasn’t all jammed up in “here.”  My first crack at higher education I took for granted.  This time around, I’m enjoying the work and, thusly, the success.  As you know, gentle reader, despite my ups and downs, I’ve made some good progress the past two years and a lil bit extra.

Looking back at Flagler, I made great friends.  I lived in a virtual paradise.  Those are good things.  School, well, it makes no sense to dwell on what coulda been.  It is what it is, was what it was, and that’s that.  As with anything else.  I am here, NOW.

And it is from here that I will move forward.

We are a result of our past—choices, decisions, etc.  Ssssssecret.  Where we go depends upon choosing, deciding, who we want to be tomorrow and after.  I’ve chosen to embrace my past—distant and recent—for what it is.  Part of me.  I’m not going to hide from it, shy away.  That would be like ignoring or damning my big toe…

Oh, wait. 

I think I feel

the gout coming on… 

No worries.  I

don’t regret 

the tomatoes in that pasta. 

Or the chocolate. 

Uric acid, be damned!

I suck at checkers.

All of you, enjoy your holidays.  Enjoy your families.  Just enjoy.  We’ll all get to where we’re going, where we’re supposed to be.  Where we want to be.

The results are in, and…

…as of 7:01, my numbers didn’t come in again.  It’s NOW 8:40, and that’s behind me.  For NOW, fall 2012, the number that matters is 4.0.  Word.

Thank you for stopping by, as always.

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