Been a long time…

…since I’ve felt the urge to jump on here and spew the inane events of my life, like somehow just because I write it you will read it and just because you read it you will comment and just because you comment I will feel somehow validated as a person and a writer because not only did you read but you also took the time to comment meaning it was worth your time.

I hope that sentence was wearing sneakers, ’cause it ran on and on…

Trying to find the inspiration in daily life is sometimes like trying to find the dark spot in the sun by looking directly at it.  Stare all you want, light is the only thing you’ll see.  All the while burning out your rods and cones.  Busy living life, I’ve not sat back to take inventory and write something of substance.  Hanging out with people of substance, people who mean something to me, has given me plenty to say.  Just need to take the time to say it…

I’m particularly grateful lately for the people in my life, new and old, who keep me laughing, smiling, thinking, and going despite my circumstances.  Despite myself.  The only way through is forward and we may as well have a good time—since we’re heading in that direction anyway, no?  Thanks for stopping by, my friends.  I love and appreciate you more than you know.

Read.  Comment.  Subscribe.

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