Simply Gorgeous…

The weather today was nothing short of perfect.  When I woke up, I knew I had to get outside and enjoy it.  Period.  I also knew I needed to get in some exercise, considering that softball is over.  I hadn’t been to the gym since the last time I blogged about it.  You remember, when I taunted Meg the trainer for not reading this blog.  And denied hitting on her.  Yeah, that blog.  Two weeks ago.  My legs have been in rough shape from softball.  Besides, I can rationalize my gymabsence for the fact that I’ve dropped about six pounds since then.  I just pray it wasn’t six pounds of pure, 100% American muscle.  That would be undesirable.

So that’s what I did.  I headed to the gym, after which I’d take a nice walk.  My bald spot has looked a little pasty of late…  When I got to the gym, I was surprised that Meg remembered to ask about my arm.  She took a genuine interest in not only how I lost it, but more importantly how I can better exercise.  I then learned yet another way to work my right biceps and triceps.  No glutes or traps were involved, though I sense I’ll need to shred those once I figure out where they are and how such a shred can be obtained.  Meg’s a professional and I appreciate the time she took with me.  Now I won’t be as lopsided, with one Popeye arm and one twig…  Just kidding.  I’m gonna be ripped!  Anyone know where I can get some good ‘roids?

No, no.  I don’t mean the kind you get from sitting on cold marble…

After a decent workout, I shot down to the Plymouth Community Center for a nice, couple-mile walk.  The weather was absofrigginlutely perfect.  No shit.  Had I been wearing a new pair of sneaks rather than the Nikes I bought in May 2006, I might have been able to go all day long.  With nobody around, the walking trail belonged to me and me alone.  No worries, though: I sprayed my “moonroof” with some high-SPF Coppertone.  Wouldn’t want my scalp to scorch…

The only thing that might have made my venture more beautiful would have been some fish tacos!  Ha!  I damn near went to Whole Foods, but I couldn’t do it.  After all, I’d just made a point to get my workout on.  How could I expect to stay below 190 if I’m going to lift weights then eat 5 or six tacos?  Those fuckers are delicious; I defy you to eat fewer than however many it takes to make you feel fuller than Thanksgiving dinner.  Defy, I say!  Yet I held out.  Maybe I’ll grab one or two for lunch tomorrow.  Only time will tell…

It’s not yet 6:00 at the time of this posting.  Ample time remains to get out and enjoy the day.  Perhaps another walk.  Maybe I’ll sit in Starbucks.  You know, I’ll being my laptop and peck away while wearing my Shakespeare wig so everyone there knows I’m a “writer.”

Oh, yeah.  I learned today that my freelance services are worth a bit more than they were yesterday.  That helped make the day a bit more gorgeous.  Simply.  Fucking.  Gorgeous.

Hope you’re enjoying it as well, gentle reader.

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