Don’t Be a Dick. Oh, and Answer Your Phone.


So, I’m trying to be a diligent writer.  I have assignments that I need to research, leads that need to be followed up, etc.  As a freelancer, I only get paid for what I produce; I can’t exactly bill for the endless emails, phone calls, messages that I leave.  Not until I have something to show.  It’s not my employer’s fault people don’t respond.

But seriously, how many times does one have to call, email, show up un-friggin-announced, before someone responds?  Honestly, I have a few people who I have been trying to speak with for more than two months.  Nothing.

Granted, I’m writing for a community college.  Blogs, press releases, etc.  How important could that possibly be?  Oh, wait.  It’s rather important, for a few reasons:  First, it’s my job.  Second, the college puts these blogs to work as a way to get pertinent information to students, faculty, the community at-large, prospects, etc.  It’s 2012.  Blogs, the internet, and technology in general are useful tools…  Third, need I mention the people I’m trying to contact are employees of the college?  It might help them out as well.  You know, rational self-interest, survival instincts, etc.  My writing may just help feed children.  In a very roundabout way.  And no, that’s not a fat joke.  I look good today.

Anyway, part of my whole “writing” path includes articles.  Newspapers, magazines (if and when), blogs, websites, etc.  In order to write, I have to do research.  Therein lies the challenge.  Once I have all the information, the writing is the easy part.  Mostly.  But gathering the info, getting the details–that involves talking to people, asking questions, exchanging words…  It’s next to impossible, ethically and technically, to write a piece on a subject I know little to nothing about.  I know some thrive this way but not I, seeing as how I’m still just a babe in the writers’ arena.

That’s my deal today.  I’m sorry, gentle reader, that I’ve not posted much of late.  I’m somewhat stuck and trying to establish some good, productive momentum.  FWD: progress, yeah?  School starts in two weeks.  I have a few more things I’m going to do before summer which should inspire more words to flow.  Then you can enjoy this blog a lil bit more.


Thanks for stopping by, yo.

Read.  Comment.  Subscribe.

PS–Don’t be an asshole.  That’s my tip of the day.  Don’t fuck with people.  Don’t say shit that ain’t right.  Be honest, lend a hand, give a shit.  Take a look inside and find something worthwhile to share with someone you love.  Yeah, don’t be an asshole.  That is all.

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