I Love It When…

…I log on and see a bunch of hits to my blog.  More, I really, really like it when I see that I didn’t just get a bunch of views to my latest post but that a whole bunch of older posts each got a look.  That means one person was reading a whole bunch of posts.  That means I have a new fan.  Oh, wait.  That might sound a bit conceited.  I probably shouldn’t assume that, just because a person is reading multiple posts, he or she enjoys them.  There’s a chance, albeit slim, the person is reading each post and growing more and more insulted, angry, disappointed, or [enter negative emotion here].

To my newest fan, welcome.  If it’s an old fan just re-reading, thank you too…

So.  My weekend went well.  Not I-hit-the-lottery-found-a-twenty-in-my-laundry-lost-five-pounds-made-sweet-love well.  But well nonetheless.  Let’s call it the All-Baseball-All-Weekend weekend.  It’s mid-to-late June.  Baseball and lightning bugs should dominate the days, along with the annoying tune of the ice cream guy.  Sorry, but the guy who drives through my apartment complex has the jack-in-the-box tune and it drives me up a friggin’ wall.  At some point, the monkey has to figure out a way to circumnavigate the mulberry bush in such a way as to confuse the weasel.  That, or just stop chasing.  It’s been too long…

On Friday, our Phillies (East Falls teeballers) were scheduled to play the Orioles in Game 2 of the best-of-three championship.  Mother Nature, that filthy whore, had other plans.  What ended up taking place at McDevitts?  After four batters in the top of the first, the menacing skies flashed with enough electricity to give Ben Franklin geekwood.  At that, the decision was made to suspend play.  Imagine that: Not allowing kids to play with metal bats in an open field during an ionic fulmination.

What began as a thirty minute delay stretched into an hours-long storm.  Parents, children, coaches and other volunteers and onlookers stood helpless in the clammy gymnasium, watching the torrents fall.  Instead, we negotiated a time to make up the games.  (The junior league was also playing.)  It was decided that our game would resume Saturday morning as close to 11:30 as possible.  The juniors will play Tuesday at 6.  I highly recommend watching this game if you would enjoy seeing two kids, the tops in their league, go at it on the mound.  I, regrettably, have a softball game Tuesday at 6:45 in Roxborough, so I won’t be watching.  Anyway.  The games got moved and we all hung out in the sweaty gym until the rain subsided enough to allow people to head home.

Saturday, the kids picked up where they left off and completed an impressive undefeated season.  Champs!  As a coach, I am immensely proud of what the boys and girls on our team accomplished.  They did everything the right way, listened, and played their hearts out.  Proud and grateful to have been a part of it.  They will get much-deserved recognition on Thursday night at the EFSA wrap-up shindig.

After the game and a little bit of hanging out, I went to Citizens Bank Park and watched the Phillies and the Tampa Rays play.  On the way to the seats, me and Stat ran into a guy from East Falls that operate a camera during games.  We were shown on Phanavision at least four times.  Despite the fact that my face was so friggin’ burnt from standing in the sun for hours (nope, no sunblock but for the bald patch…), I have to say, from what I saw, I looked damn good in those proportions.  My face should only be looked at when on a monster screen.  Brings out the nosehairs real nice…  The Phils ended up blowing a lead late, only to have Thome save them with a walk-off dinger to lead off the bottom of the ninth.

This morning, I woke up and did my thing.  I have no idea what that means.  In reality, my thing today was reading up on the software I may or may not have to know for a new job…(?)  Around 11, Stat texted.  He had an extra ticket to today’s 1:05 game, so I got my act together and headed back down to the Bank.  The Phils wasted a gem of a game by Cole Hamels and lost.  Shame.  They really are bad this year.  I won’t get into why right now.  Just very hard to watch…

So now, it’s technically Monday.  I’m hoping to conduct another couple interviews for the Think Green blog either today or tomorrow.  The weekend is over and I enjoyed some good ol’ America’s Pastime.  No, no, no…  Not bombing a third-world country into the fourth-world, stealing wealth and widening the divide between the classes…  Baseball.  I meant baseball.

I love it when I go on a tangent.  Thanks for reading, this and all my posts.

Read.  Comment.  Subsctribe.

2 thoughts on “I Love It When…

  1. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Not-you-got-a-book-deal-skyrocketed-into-fame-and-fortune-got-laid-so-much-your-dick-is-numb-awesome. But awesome none the less. ROFL!!! Geekwood. Now THAT’S awesome!!!

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