Letter from the Universe

From the Desk of


Robert C. Gardner

xxx Cxxton Court

Xxxxx Xxxxxx, PA 19xxx

The Universe


All the time

Dear Robert,

Where the hell have you been?  I’ve been doing all this work on your behalf and you’re off chasing shadows.  Get your shit together.

Do I have your attention now?  Good.  I’m writing this letter to remind you that I’m here for you.  In fact, while you’ve been distracted, trying to make your immediate world bend to what you think you want, I’ve been toiling to rearrange it to the way it’s supposed to be.  Stop resisting.  You’re only making things more difficult.  Remember to be like water:  If you can’t flow with it, flow around it.  If need be, we’ll flow through it.  Together.

Stop acting so all alone in all this.  I’ve placed so many people in your life that support you.  When you get like this, it’s not you against the world, it’s you against yourself.  That’s a fight you cannot win.  Therefore, get the fuck out of my way!!  I got this.  I got you.  Trust me, would ya?

There is a plan.  It’s the same plan we’ve had all along.  Remember: People will come and go.  Addresses, phone numbers, cities, states—they’re all temporary.  As are you.  So stop clinging to your emotions.  Why go through life hurt, angry, sad, lonely, unfulfilled?  I’ve given you, and will continue to give you, all the tools you need to be happy and successful.

(Yes.  You may laugh.  I said tools.  In fact, I place tools, stains, and douchebags in your path daily.  This way, you have more to write about.  More stories to tell.  More laughs to spread.  Use it.)

Get out.  Get to know the world again.  Let the world know you.  Good things—no—GREAT things await you.  But they too are on a timer.  Go find the life I have laid out for you.  There is a conspiracy, all the time.  Go do your part so we can see it come to pass.

Your friend,

The Universe.

P.S.  You do know how “off” this makes you look, right?  Good…

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4 thoughts on “Letter from the Universe

  1. This too is a good letter. The universe has a simiar writing style to yours, perhaps you two should collaborate.

    • Matter of fact, the universe and I are working on something pretty friggin’ monumental. (Should I take these comments down, just in case, you know…?)

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