Just to clear up a few things…  Yesterday I stated that the world was conspiring against me.  That was incorrect.  Actually, the Universe and I are in cahoots.  I also said “wishful thinking?” when speaking of my resemblance to a ghost.  All I meant by this is simply that sometimes it would be nice to escape from the world undetected once in a while.  Fact is, the gov’t and scientists are working on an invisibility cloak.  Not only did I read that on conspiracy websites, I also watched a special about new technologies.  True story.

I think I was called a ghost because my face lacked pigment.  In truth, this is a good thing.  See, I have naturally high blood pressure.  This typically causes a ruddy complexion.  Well, now that I have no insurance, my doc upped my dosage.  Perhaps she overshot a bit and it’s causing my blood to course crawlingly through my veins.  I could just hook up a nice 5-Hour drip.  Between the Niacin flush and my meds, my face might settle somewhere into a fine, Irish pastiness common this time of year.  After all, I don’t want to be pale enough that one can see what I’m chewing upon…

I just wanted to let it be known that I’m ok.  The only conspiracy is the one I have with the universe.  We are determined to make my life anything but boring, sad, and lonely.  Even if it appears that way on the surface, I have plenty of company.  I’m reading The Power of Now.  Now!!  Hahaha, get it?  Now is all we have, all that crap.  It’s along the lines of The Secret, and I appreciate all that mumbo-jumbo.

When you break down just about every major world religion, they’re all saying the same thing.  As above, so below.  Ask, and you shall receive; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.  An eye for an eye.  Treat others as you wish to be treated.  Reap what you sow.  It’s all the same.  The idea is that you get in this life what you devote the majority of your thoughts to.  If you seek signs that the universe is listening, those you will see.  If you spend your time hating yourself, regretting your decisions, you will remain unhappy.  Only if you embrace where you are right now, in this very moment, then can you move forward, free of baggage and expectation and accept what is.

This is why I like all this crap.  I like having it in a form I can absorb and (attempt to) apply to life.  Just earlier today, I stood in front of the mirror, sucked in my gut (best I could, it wasn’t much) and said, gasping, “You are thin and sexy.”  And just like that, I forgot about all that excess “baggage” around my waist, my face filled with color, and my breath was deep and even.  I walked down my hall with Right Said Fred echoing in my skull.

So, I hope this puts you, my dedicated reader, at ease once again.  Your fearless blogger feels fit and fine.  Life goes on…

Thanks again for reading.  Subscribe.  Comment.  Pass it along.

(I’m planning a tutorial post, in which I’ll show how to actually subscribe to this thing.  I think I only have one “Follower” whom I actually know.)

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