Conspiracy, Day 2

Yeah, this world is undoubtedly conspiring against me.  I just can’t catch a fucking break.  Things I thought were true are not and things I’d hoped weren’t most-assuredly are.  Be that as it may, my pen flows freely and words tumble forth with gusto.  Perhaps depression is the catalyst to my fine skill…

Paranormal State is on, and the woman just referred to the Law of Attraction.  Hence, the reason I started writing this post is thus:

Today, I chose to clean out one of my closets.  It’s long overdue.  I’ve been toting a bunch of crap with me for years.  Receipts, books, CDs that will not play, clothes.  All kinds o’ junk.  So I started pulling trash bags from the closet, and discovered a shit-ton of clothes that will be donated to a good cause.  Much of it is summer wear, but there are a few nice, warm sweaters and long pants mixed in; many items still have tags on them.

Besides the clothes, I found some electronic crap, including my ipod.  Sweet.  I can charge that fucker and listen to something other than gym music while I try to lose this weight I mysteriously gained over the past few weeks.  I also came across a couple old cell phones and the chargers.  I powered up the phone I had 5-6 years ago.  The one I used when I “circled the drain” as well as when I got sober.  Upon charging it I found numbers of girls I never called, pictures of people I don’t remember.  There’s also a contact in there under the name “Hot Boy,” the dude I used to buy from.  I think he’s dead these days.  Not sure though.  There are also numbers of good men who helped me clean up; guys that showed me there was a better way to live.  It makes me glad to say that the most-recent numbers called were to those men, and to family as well.

Saving receipts is likely a good thing.  For the most part, it’s good to have a record of things bought, just in case one ever needs to prove a purchase.  Going through some old scraps, I decided I can trash the records I kept of grocery transactions.  Honestly, do any of you doubt I bought that apple in 2009?  Try me.  I have proof.  Had proof.

Ok, enough about the receipts and get to the point…  While looking through the receipts, I discovered one from Barnes and Noble here in Plymouth Meeting dated January 16, 2010.  That day, I purchased four books.  Three on the topic of Taoism.  The fourth?  I’ll give you one guess.  OK, you done guessing?  As a Man Thinketh.  Not entirely outrageous, but funny.  I think so anyway.  If need be, read my last post; that’ll help put it together.

Oh, hey.  I just realized that Paranormal State is on.  Funny, because I was just told a little while ago that I looked like a ghost.  Wishful thinking?  Never know, right?  Maybe it’s the invisibility cloak.  I hear the government is damn close to making it a reality.  I read it on a conspiracy website.

Read.  Subscribe.  Comment.

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