Sample Query Letter

We have to do a query letter for class.  I made up 90% of the shit in here, but it’s the format that counts.  Since it was “creative,” I decided to post it!  Enjoy:

Robert C Gardner

123 Street Street

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462



November 17, 2011


Dear Mr. Anderson:


Enclosed are three short stories for your consideration for High Times: “Fred’s Line,” “Silent Vengeance,” and “Mr. Irrelevant.”


I have been reading High Times since high school (no pun intended, perhaps), yet this is my first submission.  My short story “Jay the Hero” appeared in the literary magazine Epic Prose.  I have had several poems published at, as well as in other publications, including Hope Monthly, Days of Thunder, and Men’s Health.  I was honored with the New Poet of the Year Award by the Parent-Teacher Association of Greater Philadelphia.  My passion for writing comes through with everything into which I put my energy; I maintain a personal blog,, where I self-publish poems, short stories, and flash fiction, as well as book reviews.  The fiction section of High Times has entertained me for decades.  It would be an honor to contribute to this long-standing tradition of quality, comical fiction.


Thank you again for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.





Robert C. Gardner


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