Real Quick (probably not, but…)

I just wanted to pop on here and make a statement.  I posted the other day on Facebook that people suck sometimes.  This is not a retraction; people often suck.  In fact, some people make a life of it.  And not in a good way (DFD, 2011).  The reality is, though, that more folks out there do not.

In the past few days, not to mention over the course of my life, there has been such an outpouring of support and belief in me that I am kinda blown away.  I have friends that look out for me, friends that care.  Shit, perfect strangers are on my friggin’ side.  I’ll get to some of that in a bit (see, not so quick).

Look, I will never fault someone for doing what is best for them.  Period.  I understand why people make changes and I applaud that.  My problem stems from the desire for a reason, an explanation.  And if I know anything, it’s that I don’t know shit.  Explanations are gifts and they often do not satisfy anyway.

All I can do is press on.  And not look back, asking “Why?”  I did what I did, gave what I gave.  If that wasn’t enough, or if it was wrong, or if it was bad timing, etc, then so be it.  The Universe has its own plan.  I get placed into and out of situations all the time, for whatever purpose, and it is what it is.  Far be it from me to understand.  But it drives me fucking insane when I don’t!  Hahaha, who’s with me?

Speaking of sttrangers who support me, yesterday I got to talking to someone at the Writers Conference and I have a very interesting opportunity headed my way.  That’s all I will say for now, but it could be very big…

I also spoke with one of the presenters, Ru Freeman, author of many books including A Disobedient Girl.   Ru blogs for the Huffington Post, among other sites, including her own,  Well, I mentioned that I have this blog.  Most of the professionals are of the opinion that I not censor myself.  That I stay true to my beliefs, my style, my words.  Which is what I do.  Dontcha think?  Anyway, Ru offered the attendees of her presentation a chance to guest write for her blog.  That’s pretty fucking awesome.

In other words: The opportunity to contribute to a blog such as has me rather excited and beyond grateful.

Fuck yeah.  I will be appearing on Ru’s blog on November 19, 2011.  I will post a link.  My chosen topic is “Life” so it’ll be about anything. Of course, when she asked if I was a Tea Partier and I said I think all politicians are liars, she kinda hesitated.  Then she said I can write whatever I want.  She has a sense of humor.  Good stuff, yeah?


I started here today to express mine.  To everyone who supports me.  Everyone.  Those I’ve known a long time.  Those that I’ve just met.  Those getting closer.  And those drifting away.  I will never censor my love for you.  I will never censor my feelings.  They are what they are.  They make me human, make me what I am.

They make me Rob Fucking Gardner.

I can live with that.

Read.  Subscribe.  Comment.

Funny–I ran spellcheck.  One of the words that came up was friggin’.  The suggested fix: frigging.  Noice!  It just doesn’t recognize the abbreviation.  It wants me to be formal, I suppose.  What a tool.  Spellcheck.  Not you.  Or me.  Anyway…

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