Unemployment, Day 4

OK, I’ve been jobless now for half a week.  I was worried that depression would start to set in by now.  I, however, am not that upset.  Looking back, there’s nowhere better for me to be than anywhere but there.  Misery loves company and I was keeping to myself rather nicely.  Now that I’m free from the bondage of self again, I’m living beyond the four-walled prisons of office and apartment.

This morning, though, depression seemingly gained the upper hand.  See, I slept in.  Until 8:30.

Yeah, I’m a lowlife.

Truth is, I was up until 1:30 last night doing laundry.  No, no…  I’m not the guy that waits until midnight to throw a load in.  Rather, I’m the jack ass that forgets his shit is in the washer, leaves it there for an hour, then realizes that his bed is bare before going and putting his sheets and blanket into the dryer.  Consequently, I’m also the guy that hogs two washing machines for hours at a time.  Luckily, I waited til late to do my laundry, so I was holding no one up.  Circular?  Yes.  What’s new?

The fresh bedding made sleep comfortable and easy; sleeping in was a no-brainer.

Once arisen, I brewed a pot, checked my email, and set out a-job hunting.  I invested  nearly 2 hours perusing websites, filling out online apps, and sending resumes.  I spoke with one lady and will turn in my app tomorrow afternoon.  Wish me luck.  I can sell the crap out of some jewelry…

I also placed a phone call to an insurance company.  As previously mentioned, I was involved in a car accident a few weeks back and until today have not heard a peep from the offender’s car insurance.  With my rear fender hanging off, my car will not pass its inspection that’s due in November.  Jobless, I can’t afford the repair on my own.  Motherfu– one of my friends suggested I tone down on the swear words, so I can establish credibility as a serious writer.  You can fill in the rest.

I found out from the claims adjuster what I already knew: there is some question as to who is responsible for the damage to my vehicle.  Despite the fact that I was rear-ended by a car that was untouched prior to said rear-ending, the driver of that vehicle claims that she was hit from behind first, causing the collision with my car.  The insurance company, in its effort for due diligence, has been trying to contact the other driver (the one who hit me, not the fictitious driver on the grassy knoll).  It’s been two weeks and still no reply.  I’m how can I say this nicely, fornicated…?  Yeah, that works.  I’m effed in the A.  Decent.

After this maddening phone call, I decided to chill, watch a stupid movie, and work on some homework.  Class started at 7, so I had time to kill.

At class, I turned in my Undersea Adventure project and enjoyed a good many laughs with my teacher and classmates.  As mentioned, I love this class.  We talk about teaching art to kids.  We crack jokes.  We laugh.  Good times.  After class, a few of us went to a local pub for wings and beers.  I had two diet cokes, so you know I was hyper.  Again, we laughed.

It’s important for me to be out of the house, away from these bare white walls for a good while each day.  Helps with perspective.  Class and time spent with cool people remind me that there’s a hope for me after all.  Even though I’m headed fast toward broke and not contributing much to the economy, I’m still capable of enjoying life and contributing to the enjoyment of others.

So that was my day, the fourth in my current joblessness.  While technically Day 5 has already begun, I am going to wrap up this day and this post by saying thank you.  Keep reading.

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3 thoughts on “Unemployment, Day 4

  1. Jerry Seinfeld made a fortune with ‘a show about nothing’, this was a blog about nothing (nothing special, that is). Your days will get better and you’ll find the job that suits you, hopefully with out too much delay. Keep plugging away in your search. I’ll keep reading and enjoying.

  2. Take your newfound freedom and find something to do for someone else….the greater good. You’re an amazing man and your heart has so much room for others. You’re on the right path Rob!

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