There Are No Accidents

Ok, many of you have been reading these posts from the beginning.  You know that I have strange things happen to me all the time.  Well, today, yet a-fuckin’-gain, I pretty much saw something happen before it actually did.

I was driving to my office in Doylestown from the direction of Huntingdon Valley.  I sat at a light at Walton Road and Welsh, preparing to turn left and head up Huntingdon Pike.  Instead, I pulled into the right lane and headed down Welsh towards Abington.  I figured while I was on the road I could drop off some marketing materials at a doctor’s office.  As I headed down Welsh, I passed a cross street and felt a sudden, subtle flinch.  For some reason, I pictured getting T-boned by a speeding vehicle.  Now, the side streets in Huntingdon Valley are fairly sleepy; people don’t exactly speed to the stop signs around there.  Yet, there I was, mentally cringing at the thought of getting blasted.  My car already looks as though it’s been to hell and back.  Montgomery County drivers are not the safest.  At least not in my experience.

It had been raining all morning, so the streets were slick.  I felt the need to be extra careful.

After this thought hit me, I began to think about the two accidents I had been in since relocating to PA three years ago.  One was simply a parking lot, who-backed-into-whom ordeal.  No biggie.

The second gave me a bit more of a jolt.  I was driving in the opposite direction on Welsh Road, approaching a sharp turn on which opposing traffic only has a stop sign if making a left.  The car that came bounding around the curve did not make a left.  It came straight at me.  I waited in my lane, giving the engine gas.  At last, I realized that the impending collision was unavoidable and swerved last-second to my right.  The impact was absorbed by the entire driver’s side of my poor Accord.

Can’t we all just get along???

The crash ripped my driver’s side mirror right from the door.  My side airbag deployed.  I was shocked.  But alive.  In one piece.  Had he hit me head-on, I might not be here typing this today.  He was flying.  Lucky, I shook my fist at death once again.

Anyway.  Back to today:

I made it past the Welsh Road death curve down to 611 and turned right.  At Moreland, I made a left, passing the Barnes and Noble.  They wouldn’t be open til 10, so I had to get my coffee elsewhere.  A few miles down Moreland (apparently, it becomes Welsh again…?), I stopped behind a line of cars at a red light.  That’s when I recognized in my rearview mirror, a silver Acura growing closer.




The force of the crash pushed my Honda into the Audi before me.  Hey, maybe I was just creating some space.  You know, protecting the driver from the horrific scene behind me.  I’m a hero.

In truth, I  went into a quick shock.  I sat.  Still.  Took inventory.  My body felt ok.  The Fossil Watch tin in my center console, which had housed my loose change, clearly exploded!  Quarters, dimes, nickels, but mostly pennies, showered the floor board by the car’s foot pedals.

Hey, I made it rain!  Sorry bout the lacerations, Cinnamon.  Put 67 cents in your college fund…

Needless to say, the next hour-plus was spent making phone calls, exchanging information, and making certain I was not hurt.  Unfortunately, the woman who hit me did suffer some minor injuries.  I sincerely hope she is ok.

As for me, I am still a tad freaked out.  Maybe I don’t really make these things happen.  Perhaps it’s my memory that’s all skewed.  I remember it after it happens, but think I remember it before…  I dunno.  I should allow scientists to split my skull and poke around my brain.  They might even find something in there after all.

If you need a takeaway, kids, here it is:

Every decision you make changes your life in ways you just can not foresee.  As simple as going left instead of right.  Now, had I made that left, I’d probably be blogging about how I went to Wawa and some woman, in a lame attempt to pick me up, asked about my arm.  That shit is played out.

I have other scars, you know…

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2 thoughts on “There Are No Accidents

  1. You’re right Rob. Shit happens and you can’t go back to make changes even when you want to. Preminitions are seldom listened to, mostly because you just can’t believe them. You deal with life as it comes to you – but I’m sure a blog about going to Wawa for coffee would be good too. Consider this though, it might be time for a different car … one with a better aura (or a smaller bulls-eye) LOL

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