On my way…

…to Cape May?  Yup.  Get here after trekking through traffic on the first day of Fourth of July weekend.  The trip takes a while but we make it.  I’m friggin’ glad to be on “vacation” from reality.  I need this in the worst way.  Stress has been getting the better of me of late and it sickens me to let this occur.  What I need is some good, ol’ fashioned gratitude.  A healthy dose and quick.  A fog has surrounded me and it must get lifted if I am to thrive once more.  I think tonight is a good start:

After dinner, we take a ride and a walk to the beach.  My toes are elated to squeeze sand between themselves; my heels happily dent the grainy ground.  Salty breezes caress my cheeks.  I approach the water’s edge, dipping my feet in order to complete the communion.  Home.  My soul and my sea begin their delicate dance as mind steps aside, aware of its own limitation.  Only by deferring can it be revived.

My mind is my greatest gift and my worst enemy; my ally and assailant.  I play games on myself.  This is true, now that is.  Opposites appear the same.  Far within, I know only one Truth and from this source I snatch inspiration.  Pondering permits me to solve riddles, uncover solutions.  It sparks my creativity, gets my juices flowing so that I may express myself and be understood.  It understands.  However, my mind is sharp; its cuts deep and decisive.  Thoughts slice through the Truth and leave only shards of reality, to be pieced together like a broken vase long after the flowers have withered.  The rebuilt vessel can hardly hold water, let alone sustain life.  With leaks I languish unwhole.  Therefore my soul is the grout, the glue.  It binds the shattered flecks of perception and unifies all.  Mind knows, and thusly allows Truth to take charge.  The Ultimate Paradox!  –>There is no vase, no water, no flowers; no thoughts.  No separation therefore no need to worry.  And without worry, I can only feel gratitude.

Life can be so fucking sweet when I just get the hell out of the way!

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